Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well it's been a long time since the last update so I thought I'd give you all the lowdown.

I've still been seeing a lot of Nguyen (Nhu) but I'm also hanging out with her new friend Trang. My other Vietnamese friend who visited me in London is called Trang Nguyen, but that's just a co-incidence. Honest!!

Trang has only just moved to Cairns so Nguyen and I have been helping her settle in. Two weeks ago I drove Nguyen, Trang and another friend all around Cairns going from garage sale to garage sale. You might think I'm crazy filling my car with chatty Vietnamese women. But the Spring Rolls I got afterwards made it all worth while.

I finished the exams for my IT course last week. I don't the know the results yet but I think I did OK. Thanks to those who gave me comments about my

I also did a map of my travels for the other subject. Trang asked, "What is the point of it?" I didn't really have an answer. Nguyen suggested it was so I could big note myself about all the places I've been. Of course she was right. Trang and Nguyen are like two peas in a pod. :-)

I've been keeping busy since my exams doing lots of annoying little jobs. I'm setting up a personal superannuation fund for my business. So when it all goes tits up I can flee to Majorca to escape my creditors. I wonder if Skase's old place is for sale.

I'm also doing some charity work. I've designed the website for the greenies. I still need to add a payment page to it, but I'm not quite sure how I'll do it yet. I also signed up for the Indigenous Community Volunteers and they recently found a job for me. I'm going to build a website for the Baddagun Aboriginal Corporation so they can sell some art work. At this stage some of you are probably thinking "What have you done with the real Travis?" Well I guess I'm still trying to find him.

Obviously they can't let me loose on a small Aboriginal community without teaching me how to behave. So next week they are flying me to Canberra for an Indigenous Cultural Workshop. I arrive on Wednesday the 27th of June and leave on Monday the 2nd of July. So it would be great to catch up with any of you still in Canberra.

Another strange thing that happened to me was that I became famous in Indonesia. I saw an item on dateline on SBS about a comedy show called Republik Mimpi (Republic of Dreams) in Indonesia. It makes fun of their politicians. The bits I saw were pretty funny and I thought it was great for their democracy etc. So I sent a "suck up" email to them saying how I liked the show etc. Now I'm getting all these emails from random Indonesian people. I found out that they read the email, email address and all, on the show.

The other thing I'm doing is planning for my trip to Africa. I've attached the plan I made partly to brag about all the places I'm going but also to say if you want to join me on any part of the trip let me know. I know you can't read it but if you click on it you can.

Next month I'll be heading to Albury for my friends Adam and Cherie's wedding. No doubt it will be worthy of another blog.


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